About Us

About Us

Keystone Memory Group was established in 2001 and has grown into one of the largest, longest-standing sellers of new and used Keystone Headquartersmemory and processors in the United States. Keystone has operated successfully and sustained continued growth because we value our customer relationships and place a strong emphasis on the quality of our products.



key-stone noun   \ˈkē-ˌstōn\

  1. A large stone at the top of an arch that locks the other stones in place.
  2. Something on which other things depend for support

As a keystone is a support system for others things to depend on, Keystone strives to be the IT management support system for our customers to depend on using our data security, environmental, health and safety as the core stone for everything we do to lock into place.

Environmental Policy

Open field and stream image

We at Keystone accept environmental responsibility for our activities and processes. We are committed to sound environmental practices and the prevention of pollution with the aim of attaining our environmental targets and objectives.

Keystone adheres to a policy for managing off network technology equipment that is based on a reuse, recover, and dispose hierarchy of responsible management strategies.

Keystone and its personnel are committed to complying with the applicable data security, environmental and health and safety requirements of the relevant legal authority, as well as the industry and any additional requirements to which the company subscribes; including the ISO Environmental Management System.

Furthermore, Keystone is committed to the review and continual improvement of our activities to further protect our customer’s data, minimize impact on the environment, and protect worker health and safety.

“We are the environment. The world is literally one biological process. The trees are our lungs. Look at the Amazon River system next to a human cardiovascular system, look at corals or trees and look at our lungs, you literally cannot tell the difference. They’re the same. So when we destroy our environment, we’re effectively destroying ourselves.”
― Ian Somerhalder

Office MeetingHealth & Safety Policy

It is the intent of Keystone to proactively provide a safe environment for employees, vendors and visitors. It is also our intent to properly manage any incidents that occur so as to minimize injury and other forms of loss.

A well-managed workplace safety program can benefit our organization and its people in countless ways. In order for Keystone to achieve our goals, we have developed a workplace safety program outlining the policies and procedures regarding employee, vendor and visitor health and safety. Keystone solidifies an immense commitment to comply with all applicable OH&S legislation and regulations.

Each and every individual must become familiar with the program, follow and enforce the procedures, and become an active participant in this workplace safety program. While the Keystone R2, Environmental and safety team will be responsible for developing and organizing this program, its success will depend on the involvement of each and every employee, vendor and visitor.