An In-Depth Look At IT Asset Disposition: What Is ITAD?

September 29th, 2021

Computer Code Disintegrates

Are you looking for a way to dispose of or potentially recycle your company’s IT assets? ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition and describes the appropriate disposition of assets to protect your company’s data. Keystone Technology Management will help you get the highest return on investment for your legacy computers, storage devices, or other assets.

IT Asset Disposition includes several types of services tailored to meet your organization’s goals. For example, ITAD services encompass recycling, data destruction, the chain of custody, audit trails, and re-marketing or destruction of various assets.

Types of IT Assets We Remarket

Our ITAD pros ensure that every asset goes through a comprehensive data destruction process to prevent breaches and to maximize your risk management.

While the market for recommissioned equipment continuously changes, there’s typically an ongoing demand for the following assets:

  • PCs
  • Networking equipment
  • Monitors (in working condition)
  • Laptops
  • A/V equipment and projectors
  • Docking stations

If you have questions about asset disposition for other types of equipment, we are happy to provide the necessary guidance.

Certified Chain-of-Custody

We take a comprehensive approach to asset management, including a certified chain of command in case you need an audit trail for potential legal purposes. This includes independent verification of ownership and reuse of assets. Reduce your risk, decrease equipment theft and hold your vendors accountable with our help.

When you partner with Keystone Technology Management, you receive effective tracking of your IT assets, including disposal tags and serial numbers. Our system allows us to instantly verify who has custody of your assets at all times. We are ITAD vendor-neutral, meaning we concentrate on finding the best return on your decommissioned computers and other equipment.

IT asset disposition can help you automate inventory reconciliation and recoup some of the initial expenses for your technology.

Multi-vendor Approach

Do you want to sell your IT equipment to upstanding vendors? Our approach to ITAD ensures that the disposal fees and re-marketing costs remain competitive. Keystone Technology Management looks out for your organization’s interests and helps you wade through the complexity of dealing with various ITAD vendors.

So, come to us to get the best prices for your retired equipment. For example, we can safely sell reprocessed equipment to online auction sites, online stores, and a variety of resellers.

Regulations Impacting ITAD

It seems that we’re living in a time of increasing regulations regarding data security for companies and privacy for individuals. For instance, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects European citizens but places a burden on corporations that capture and store data about their customers. California and Virginia also have consumer privacy acts, as do other states.

IT asset disposition Helps ensure that your data security remains high throughout the collection, storage, and disposition of assets.

Certified Data Destruction Service

Keystone Technology Management offers a certified data destruction service for your IT asset disposition program. So, when you need a trusted vendor to handle your outdated electronic equipment, you can count on our team to find a market for whatever electronic devices you no longer need.

When it comes to data center decommissioning, the circular economy of equipment recovery and reuse makes an excellent solution for maximized value. Additionally, we can help you stay in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

ITAD programs are the ideal way to maintain security and exercise social responsibility. The more assets that we recycle, the fewer end up in landfills or taking up space in your warehouse — allowing you to exercise environmental responsibility.

Keystone Technology Management offers IT asset dispositions for hard drives and other storage devices containing data. Through comprehensive device erasure and risk management policies, we can protect your organization and help you recoup some of the original expense of device purchases.

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