Why E Waste Recycling Is Important

January 20th, 2016


So, your closet is littered with dusty, off-network equipment, and your first instinct is to give everything to the first company that will take them. Easy, right? Well, yes, it may be easy, but it’s certainly not eco-friendly, or even efficient. It’s also not very safe.

Many companies believe that e waste is not an issue and that there are no immediate repercussions to our everyday health and lifestyle. Half-hearted e waste attempts may not be as clean as we would like, but is it really hurting us? Put simply: Yes, it is. If you are looking to sell your IT equipment in Philadelphia to an unknown buyer that boasts “efficient computer recycling”, often you will find yourself in a situation with a company that does not take full responsibility for their e waste. That may not sound bad, but we are talking about equipment that could potentially hold mercury, lead, or chemical flame retardants, which increases the probability of harmful materials seeping into our soil and drinking water. The risk is higher than you think.

When a company mishandles e waste, they’re putting our environment in danger. Without healthy surroundings, quality of life diminishes. Finding a company that not only maximizes the useful life of used equipment, but eliminates unusable devices in a safe, environmentally conscious fashion is crucial. You will have the assurance that any information on your devices will be completely destroyed, and the peace of mind that they are eliminated in a way that does not harm our environment. Here at Keystone Technology Management, we promise that our hardware and data destruction services are thorough and up to the standards our environment deserves.

Maintaining a clean environment has a number of benefits. E waste has been growing in severity in our national landfills, and we recognize this issue by ensuring that no material is ever sent to a landfill. Waste is already a problem, so it is our responsibility to be the solution. Here at Keystone Technology Management, we take pride in our recycling procedures, and we make sure harmful materials are never released because we audit our downstream vendors on a yearly basis.

We acknowledge the real harm e waste can cause if not taken care of accordingly, and we actively seek to decrease the impact of potentially damaging materials. In addition to removing the toxic materials, we also see the beneficial resources old hardware can have. Materials such as aluminum, copper, ferrous metals, and plastics can all be recovered from your dusty laptop you have not thought about for ten years. Rather than simply throw it away so they can inevitably move to a landfill, why not recycle? Keystone Technology Management will effectively destroy your hardware and data while keeping the environment safe.

Old computers taking up space can be a pain, but what’s more important: a happy life, or easy fix? If you are in need of efficient e waste recycling in Baltimore, MD and its surrounding areas, give us a call at Keystone Technology Management to find out more.